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Phil, you inspire me.

Did you actually say and mean that guns don't kill people, bullets do?

Are you serious?

That is a ridiculous statement. I can throw as many bullets as I want at you and the children in my community, or anyone else in my community, and without a gun of any kind, by any name, no one would be killed or maimed. Are you going to bicker about what a weapon designed to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible is called?

It is preposterous to compare children dying of the flu with gun deaths. It is an insult to all women who make difficult, intimate decisions that you know nothing about and can not understand and compare that to murdering children with a weapon of war that does not belong on our streets. Your having to pull out the abortion question really shows how weak and absurd your argument is.

Oh yes, and the suicide thing. If you do not call shooting yourself with a gun violence, what do you call it? Do some research. It is very well established that the availability of guns in a disturbed person's life makes suicide much more possible.

All of the mass killings has been done with whatever you want to call these weapons. These weapons do not belong on our streets. It is too late now to get them off our streets, but we can stop them from being as readily available in the future. The future starting now.

And don't get your panties bunched. No one wants your gun or guns or rifles. I am not against guns. I am against these particularly horrible weapons. Look at what has been happening and actually think about how these soul searing tragedies came to pass and what made these killings possible. Think about what would stop these mass killings. Try and make some sense of what has occurred. Think.

Richard Kuznitsky

North Bend