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Jordan Cove will be a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Todd Goergen continues to use the tired Republican-like tactic of attempting to wrap this Canadian-owned project with the American flag and parroting the same talking points to sell us this polluter. It is not our patriotic duty to destroy our air and waters for China's benefit. This is soiling our own nest. Goergen's boosting of natural gas is disingenuous.

Sure, it burns cleaner, but it's a fossil fuel like coal, and it's methane contributes more to the greenhouse effect. Nearly 2 percent of natural gas from wells and pipelines leak or is purposely spilled into the atmosphere. That amount alone may create more greenhouse gases than the total emissions of all the coal-fired energy plants in the country. Goergen wants to boost that production (and spillage), run a pipeline through historically dry forested lands, and bring it to Jordan Cove, where the hydrogen sulfide will be extracted, scrubbed and released into our air. Jordan Cove emissions will not smell like sweet honeysuckle blossoms. The odorless liquid that is the end product of this enormous effort will then be shipped to China. We keep the rest.

James Fereday noted that residents around a polluting coal-fired electric plant at least get the benefits of that production. Electricity benefits their lives. We will not get any of the end product of Jordan Cove.

It will be shipped out on transport ships that can reach 1,000 feet in length and draw up to 40 feet of water. Oh the dredging we will see. The chance of a catastrophic fire on one of those transports is tiny; It's hardly worth mentioning that such a fire could not be extinguished but would have to burn itself out. There is a reason LNG plants are not welcomed into heavily populated locations.

Goergen freely admits that 80 percent of Jordan Cove employees will be from Oregon (think Portland) and SW Washington, and he insists the jobs will be filled by "fellow Americans." Maybe, but they will still be transient workers. Remember the commotion a few transient geese caused in Mingus Park? You ain't seen nothin' yet, as far as commotion.

Goergen writes, "The Jordan Cove LNG project is good for Southern Oregon, West Slope communities, our nation and the world." Well, I'm glad that's settled. That statement is the very definition of hyperbole.

Ron Dudas

Coos Bay