I am puzzled by what seems to me as an almost hysterical overreaction to the Confederated Tribes application for listing their Traditional Cultural Property — this being the body of water knows as Coos Bay and roughly its original shoreline — on the National Register of Historic Places. It excludes South Slough, which is already federally protected ... a fact about which, as far as I know, we are all quite happy.

The designation would simply require all FEDERAL agencies to "consider impacts to contributing resources before engaging in activities or issuing permits for activities within the TCP boundaries. "Contributing resources" or "features" simply means cultural/archaeological resources, archaeological sites, and specific buildings owned by the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians.

The expensive full page "scare" ads being run by "Coos Concerned Property Owners" list three items of concern, but do not specifically detail them, because they are not true. In items one and two, the key words are "may be." Only a good conspiracy theorist could possibly arrive at "must be." Item number three is just plain untrue.

This all seems to me as the proverbial "tempest in a teapot" by some of the my fellow citizens who haven't done their homework. Visit www.ctclusi.org/tcp for the actual facts. And, they are actual facts because one can't apply without facts for a historic register listing and hope to get anywhere! Better yet, stop by the Confederated Tribes office at 1245 Fulton Ave. (end of Radar Road) in Coos Bay and get to know your neighbors who have been living here for at least 10,052 years.

I grew up with and have lived in or near a few historic districts/structures and all of them were and are associated with increased property values. People like history (good or bad) and will pay (more) to live or visit such.

If someone from CCPO could provide the public with actual facts, then perhaps we'd have the basis for both parties to sit down together, invite the public, have a discussion, resolve "differences" and get on with building a better place to live which respects the environment that we all says we love.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Skinner

North Bend

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