I used to live in Coos Bay and now own a rental property in North Bend. A few years back I received a water bill that included a 'Public Safety Fee' to pay for the police force That fee was added to our water bills, so we have to pay it or face having our water turned off. What began as $5 per household, has now increased to $30 per household--with zero input or say from those of us paying it. The charge is also a straight fee, no matter the value of your property, unlike property taxes. I strongly question the right of the city council to add this to a public utility. They are not, nor should they be, the arbiters of deciding fees, i.e. taxes, that we pay.

I believe it's time for all homeowners to get together and end this ever increasing tax now. City police forces have always been paid for out of taxes. Period. If the city council cannot manage to budget the funds they receive from the state properly, it's their problem. They should be held accountable or be voted out of office the very next election for not doing their job. I don't know about the rest of you, but my property taxes go up every year. That should more than provide for the salaries of North Bend's police force. The population of North Bend has actually decreased the last several years, so there is no reason for the police force to have increased. There really is NO EXCUSE. It's time that North Bend homeowner's band together and petition that this tax is removed from our bills. If I lived there, I would have taken the initiative to have done this with my very first $5 "Safety Fee". They are no doubt taking lessons from California imposing taxation without representation.

Cheri Langlois

North Bend

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