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My name is Rick Cooper and I have been a firefighter for the past 28 years. 23 of those years I have been serving the citizens of North Bend.

It has been such an honor to be apart of the International Association of Firefighters and to serve on the front lines of our city. Every day I pull up to the fire department, I feel thankful knowing that I will get opportunities to help the people in my community on some of their worst days by responding to both medical and fire calls.

With that being said, I wanted to take the opportunity to post some facts about the upcoming ballot measure 6-177 that will directly impact your safety and my brothers at NBFD: 

If measure 6-177 passes it will reduce the North Bend Fire Department’s budget, causing the potential loss of 2 Firefighters.

The 2 association members (firefighters) to be cut have been advised of their potential job loss.

North Bend Fire Department would no longer be adequately staffed to respond to all non-fire medical emergencies (medical calls) 

With that being said I would hope you would take the time to consider

VOTING NO on ballot measure 6-177

Just to be clear, the members of the North Bend Professional Firefighters do not receive any prizes or financial bonuses for asking citizens to vote NO on 6-177. The association members are optimistic that this measure will finalize with a NO vote being victorious and that they would be able to collaborate with parties involved and come up with an alternative viable solution.

Regardless of your opinion or vote on the ballot, may we remain united in our devotion to the people of this community.

Rick Cooper


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