Our schools need Jordan Cove! Coos County has experienced a number of boom periods and downturns over the years. While we are all proud of our history and the town we call home, it is time we look toward our future. With the Georgia Pacific mill closure and a lack of new businesses opening in town, we desperately need local tax revenue. We need funding for public education. Now is not the time to engage in hyper-partisan scare tactics about the Jordan Cove project.

Our kids and our schools are depending on Jordan Cove for their future. The Jordan Cove project will bring over $2.8 million each year to our public schools in Coos County. It is also estimated to contribute more than $300,000 each year to community college and more than $350,000 each year for local libraries. This is funding that can go toward additional teachers, STEM education, arts funding or whatever your child may be interested in. This project will give our kids opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. What gives single-issue opponents in Portland the right to oppose this project and take those opportunities away from our families and children?

David Beebe

Coos Bay

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