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The Jordan Cove energy project has been underway in one form or another and has been studied and revised backward and forward and up and down for about the last decade and a half. It would bring jobs and millions of badly needed tax dollars to counties hit hard by the shutting down of timber harvests on federal lands. Millions of dollars have already been spent in the counties where the proposed pipeline will cross and a survey taken of people in those counties show that a majority support the project.

At the present time, the U.S supplies about a fifth of all natural gas in the world and has a surplus production to that needed in our country. The only existing U.S. LNG export terminals in the continental U.S. are in the Gulf states while none exist on our West Coast and Jordan Cove would be the first.

There has been a lot of concern about the affect of ‘the big one’, a projected 9.0 earth quake, would have on the proposed Jordan Cove LNG storage tank. Well one did happen in Japan in 2011 and there were about 30 existing LNG storage tanks at that time. Most of the LNG storage tanks came through just fine except where petroleum facilities were adjacent. Since that time, Japan has constructed more LNG storage tanks including several of the largest full containment LNG tanks in the world. The Jordan Cove facility is designed to withstand the massive earthquake predicted for our area and will probably be the least of our worries when that event happens.

Some have expressed worries that having a large LNG storage tank facility would adversely affect tourism to the Coos Bay area. Having a LNG storage tank at Newport that lies no more than 1 ½ miles from multiple tourist attractions hasn’t seemed to affect tourism there as Newport attracts far more tourists annually than visit the Coos Bay area. Probably having the only LNG export facility on the West Coast would in itself attract more visitors.

The time has come to move ahead with this project for the benefit of our area and our nation.

Keith Comstock

Myrtle Point

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