In the Feb. 22, 2018, edition of The World “Letters to the Editor” Sharon Ramirez writes condemning President Trump, the NRA, the “firearms industry”, several manufactures, and Congress for offering “a few bones” to citizens. It would be interesting where Ramirez found the number “112.6 guns per resident”.

It is obvious to even the most casual observer that Ramirez has very little knowledge of semi-automatic weapons. She has no idea how quickly, with a modicum of practice, an empty magazine, regardless of its capacity, can be replaced with a full magazine. Especially when there is no one shooting back at you while making the change.

Ramirez alludes to a phenomenal amount of money contributed to politicians by the NRA and the firearm industry but makes no mention of how those contributions are paltry when compared to the money received by the Democratic Party from sources that would make America a socialist nation.

Instead of feeling victimized by the loss of an election, maybe Ramirez should grow a spine and start a movement to make the possession of any type of firearm a crime, punishable by jail time. After all, we made the possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and others a crime punishable by jail time, except for “small” amounts here in Oregon. Look how well that has worked. Now we don’t have any drug problem. Just don’t try to tell law enforcement we no longer have a drug problem here in Coos County.

Apparently protecting our schools as well as we protect airports and government buildings (our local Social Security office for example) is not an acceptable solution. We should also abandon the concept of “gun free zones”. After all, the majority of mass shootings have occurred in churches, schools, and theater/night clubs, “gun free zones,” all. But then these ideas are logical and not acceptable to liberal elite progressives.

Jim Jochum

North Bend


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