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I’ve realized that if you doubt the liberal bias of the press, just read, listen to, or watch any story about abortion. They will invariably use the terms pro-choice and anti-abortion. We generally think of “pro” in a positive context, and “anti” in a negative context. The people in favor of abortion use the term pro-choice to describe themselves, and the press follows suit. You rarely see the term pro-abortion. The choice of words is different for the other side. We call ourselves pro-life, but you rarely see that term in the press. They call us anti-abortion. In fairness, they should use the terms pro-abortion and pro-life, or anti-child and anti-abortion.

In the Saturday, 2/22/20 edition of The World, there were two versions of the same story about Democrats and abortion, a shorter one on page A6, and a long one on page D8. In the longer story, I counted 13 times when the terms anti-abortion or abortion opponents were used. I also counted 17 times that the terms pro-choice or abortion rights were used. I did, however, count three times that the term pro-life accidentally slipped in. By my count, in a five column story, that’s 30 times where abortion was shown in a more positive light, and three where life was shown in a positive light.

I understand that reporters deliberately choose the words they use. I just wish that in fairness, they would start using terms that the pro-life supporters use to describe themselves.

Bruce Tucker

Coos Bay



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