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At its best, Democracy serves to reflect the will of the people. Elections make that happen, channeling the will of the people into representatives who fill positions throughout government. It doesn’t take a political scientist, though, to realize that sometimes democracy doesn’t work as well as we hope. Often, key issues can get lost in the shuffle and representatives can confuse their mandates. In light of that, I want to make something crystal clear — regardless of who wins to be our next governor, their priority must be supporting the Jordan Cove project.

Southern Oregon has suffered too long for us to pass on such a promising opportunity and governors always promise the world for rural Oregon during campaign season, but then quickly forget about us once they’re in Salem. Putting pride aside, we all understand the difficulties we face—higher unemployment, slower economic growth, outdated public infrastructure and underfunded public services. These have been the harsh realities for quite a while, and these won’t change anytime soon without serious funding and serious commitment.

If you’re an elected representative reading this—make your support for Jordan Cove heard. If you’re a voter reading this—make sure your support for Jordan Cove is heard. This project represents thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in private investment that we won’t get anywhere else. No matter who is elected, their priority must be supporting Jordan Cove any way they can.

Tom Burdett

North Bend

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