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Prescription drug companies charge whatever they want.

Some people say the cost of universal health care would be more expensive then the present system. Let me give one example of why the cost would be lower:

I have a friend in Oregon who contracted Hepatitis C from her ex-husband years ago. She recently took a new drug, the cost of which is $1,000/per daily pill for three months ($87,000), to be cured. It seems a miracle for those who have lived with Hepatitis C most of their lives to now be free of the virus.

Although lifesaving, the high cost of the drug means higher insurance rates for all of us.

I also have a friend in Thailand who got Hep C from her mother. She bought the same three month supply of this drug through India for $900.

India is a big market, and the Indian government was able to negotiate with the pharmaceutical company “Gilead”, who makes the drug, for a cheaper price.

Well guess what, the U.S. is a big market, also! If we had a Universal Health Care system, we would be able to negotiate, too.

Most countries provide single-payer universal health care for their citizens. We should, too!

Dulce Havill