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I'm writing today to focus on 'Smart' meters. They should be called radiating surveillance devices. Would anyone want a radiating surveillance device?

Legislation was made so the utility companies were not required to ensure these meters were safe. Isn't that the way?

Up to $11 billion was allotted to these companies by Obama to install these meters. Of course they want to go along with it!

You know how the Internet is very vulnerable to hacking, right? This is what 'Smart' meters are doing to our power grid. Enemies, with just a surge of power to these meters, could start them on fire, and also, through the computers on these meters, could take down the power of whoever has one.

The World Health Organization listed Radio Frequency radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen in 2011. PG&E verified that 'Smart' meters put out 14,000 pulses a day. There's a range, actually.

If a person is one foot away from a 'Smart' meter, with just a two minute exposure, trauma to the blood cells has been shown.

People might not notice they're being affected, but it's still happening. Some people are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but it is cumulative. Even though radiation is invisible, some people notice the beginning of symptoms the same time these meters are installed.

Scientific studies, not done by the industry, on the health effects from EMF, have resulted in huge lists. This area of focus in 2016 had over 23,000 studies done, about more than any other topic in all of scientific studies!

It's not just the radiation around these meters and throughout a home or other building that their wiring is attached to, the surveillance – like being wiretapped constantly, is criminal!

The utilities should be fined, and 'Smart' meters should be illegal as in other areas; everybody should be opted-out! People can not survive such an onslaught of radiation!

The government and power companies are being tyrannical, ignoring our rights.

The public is being deceived and extorted.

It's treason! How could we go along with this?

An excellent free documentary on this is called Take Back Your Power by Josh del Sol from 2017.

Instead of going along with this totalitarian control, how about stopping it?

I encourage you to come to the workshop the commissioners are having next Tuesday, the 15th, 6 p.m. at the Owen Building in Coquille.

Mary Grabinsky


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