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Once more the voters are trying to find some politicians that will actually try to do their jobs and help the people and this country. Oh, I know that the politicians who are re-elected will do their best for the big shots and elites of Wall Street, but that does nothing for the country.

Every two years the voters try to get rid of the bad politicians, but every two years nothing changes. So at the next election the voters will try to change politicians again, but with little good I'm afraid.

It's as if these politicians, new or old, no matter what the party, are interested only with fighting against each other. Neither the Democrats or Republicans actually want to help people that really need a bit of help. These people who are in power could really accomplish a lot of good things if only they could work together and stop trying to tear the other party apart.

But you never know. There might be something good that comes out of the next election. A lot of women were elected to Congress this time, and you know, women tend to get things done. Might be a very good thing for the country and the people.

The new people elected to Congress will have a really hard time getting past some, if not all, of the old members of Congress who are bound to "special interests," or should I say the "good old boys and girls".

Harold Gardner

Myrtle Point

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