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We all know that dialing 911 is for an emergency.  How would you feel if this 911 system was not working?

What if you are calling 911 because your house is on fire and the 911 system doesn’t work….or you need medical help….or someone is trying to break into your house?  The current 911 system operates with outdated equipment for 16 fire agencies, 3 ambulance services, 12 police headquarters and the Coos County Road Dept

The system has failed more than 4 times in the last 7 months.  In 2019 the entire system was inoperable for 36 hours. The rural agencies using this 911 dilapidated system needs to be replaced.

Yes, a new 911 radio system will cost you and I for a new system BUT a new system will provide additional insurance for our safety.  A proposed local option tax is $0.20 (20 cents) per 1,000 of assessed value of our properties for 5 years.  These taxes will be dedicated ONLY to 911 communications.

Our emergency 911 trained men and women deserve the best equipment to connect with help to save our lives.

Phyllis Wilson

Myrtle Point


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