I was just looking at the extreme freezing weather today in so many parts of the country! There are so many places out there that are freezing in winter and boiling in summer ... and scientists say that climate change is likely to make such extremes even more common. In addition, so may places are now running out of water, polluted, over-crowded, super expensive, etc., etc. Where can one go?

I suggest to friends that they consider a place with a mild year-round climate, abundant water, clean air, and low pollution. One that is built around a beautiful bay, is oceanfront, and has fresh seafood available year round. One that has forested lakes and amazing recreational opportunities. A place with great people, family friendly, and with good police and fire protection. One with a connecting airport, good hospital, good restaurants, and a fine community college. One with lovely parks, and the many cultural opportunities that a wonderful art museum, a fine history museum, and good theaters can provide. One with low cost of living, hardly any traffic to speak of, and no parking issues.

And just where can such a heaven to be found, they ask? Me, I think it can be found right here — in Oregon’s Bay Area!

Sure, no one can deny that the area offers limited job opportunities and has financial issues that need to be addressed. But I think the potential for so locally is amazing! You don’t have to travel far to realize that what we have right here, and right now, is very rare -- and becoming increasingly so! One learns in life that respecting, valuing, and developing what you uniquely have to offer is the pathway to any real success. With so much to offer, why this area thinks it’s a good idea to, in effect, stand in front of a big foreign corporation with a gritty cardboard sign, begging for a handout is a mystery to me. Far better to develop the rare resources that we already have in a non-destructive way ... one which will keep jobs and money right within this area long-term! Happily, I’m already seeing signs of that happening. We really don’t want to be known as a gritty little polluted town with a potential bomb in the middle of it. Whatever contrary arguments Jordan Cove may have to offer, people’s perception and the reputation of the area is everything!

Jeff Reese

Coos Bay

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