Southwest Oregon has a Dark Force called Pembina, a foreign corporation with a sky-blue and grass-green logo, whose folksy advertising telling us what nice people they are belies the fact that Pembina wants to build the biggest greenhouse gas producer in Oregon right here in Coos Bay. Soma, anyone?

Pembina realizes after 14 years that Jordan Cove LLC is dead because the people who live in Southwest Oregon do not want this ticking time bomb completed. The corporation is a "sunk-costs" victim: it must keep the project on life support to avoid a whopping balance sheet write off, while hoping for yet another larger company to buy it out.

There are supporters. John Burns, CEO of the Port of Coos Bay, recently quoted some extraterrestrial numbers (obviously provided by the Marketing Department at Pembina) representing benefits to Coos Bay. Mr. Burns did not cite any of the many assumptions used to manufacture these numbers nor did he mention a single negative consequence to our citizens, not even a traffic jam. If you truly believe these numbers, Mr. Burns, it may be time to step away from the helm.

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And those avid letter writers from the Merry Band of Jordan Cove Boosters (Leshley, Barton; Goergen) continue to argue convoluted logic: Build the Big Polluter here, ship the LNG to China so they'll have cleaner air to waft back across the Pacific and blow away our pollution! Leshley recently suggested support from George Soros may have been the reason the NO-LNG crowd was larger than the PRO-LNG at the recent FERC hearing. Their recent assertion that the 200 mile, four traffic lane wide pipeline clear cut from Malin to Coos Bay will serve as a fire break is a dangerous lie. Six months ago, Paradise, California was burned to the ground by a fire which started in a utility "clear cut." It's the worst wildfire in California's history and the similarities with Southwest Oregon are striking with one big difference: our highway-sized clear cut will have a 3-foot diameter thin-walled high pressure gas line with pumping stations running down its center. The disaster is not if, but when.

Ron Dudas 

Coos Bay

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