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For over a decade the South Coast has shared concerns about how the Jordan Cove LNG export project will impact our coastal environment, jobs in fishing and recreation, public safety, and the climate.

In the last year, Jordan Cove LNG has failed to qualify for three critical state permits to dredge protected areas of the Coos Bay estuary and trench a 230-mile fracked gas pipeline across Oregon (by use of eminent domain) that would cross surface waters over 400 times, and use horizontal directional drilling under major rivers. This threatens harm to natural resources like drinking water and fish habitat, while seizing land from private landowners and tribal nations. Oregon has made it clear that without meeting state safeguards that protect our communities, Jordan Cove LNG cannot be built.

Last month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) voted 2-1 to delay its decision about the Jordan Cove LNG project because the project has failed to qualify for necessary state permits. At that meeting, FERC provided no indication of when it would revisit Jordan Cove’s application.

But, even if FERC approves Jordan Cove LNG later down the road, the project still has no path forward without Oregon’s approval. Actually, there’s already been a previous LNG export terminal that had approval from FERC but was never built because it did not qualify for Oregon permits.

In 2008, FERC approved an LNG export terminal proposed in Astoria, called Bradwood LNG. But Bradwood LNG never qualified for necessary state permits to actually start construction. Less than two years after FERC approval, the company behind the project withdrew applications and filed for bankruptcy.

Pembina, the Canadian fossil fuel corporation behind Jordan Cove LNG, may try to challenge Oregon’s decisions, but it will not be allowed to trample the Oregon laws that protect our clean water, clean air, fisheries, and wildlife.

Pembina should learn from the failed Bradwood LNG project, listen to our community and Oregon’s agencies, and put an end to Jordan Cove LNG for good.

Janét Moore

Coos Bay


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