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Reading the Saturday article of the Jordan Cove/Pembina office official opening, one quote stood out to me, “They’re open, they’re approachable, and they want to have interaction with the community.”

Indeed, they may be approachable, but in the experience I have had interacting with Jordan Cove/Pembina, it has been a one-sided interaction.

On Dec. 18, I wrote to Jordan Cove’s email address, invitingly given as “” inquiring about the LNG tanker ship loading process that I had read about and referenced in the letter from an online industry source ( I was asking about LNG boil-off and if Jordan Cove/Pembina were using a system that recaptured boil-off gas or allowed it to escape. The New Year passed and no answer, so I resent it on Jan. 2. Nothing in a week, so I printed it out and walked it down to the Jordan Cove/Pembina office. The doors were locked, midday, but I was let in by a representative who noticed me. She said she would send it on to get me an answer to the queries. I received nothing after another week to my questions, but I did get an email Jan. 17 from “Team Jordan Cove” same email address plus, “your support for the Jordan Cove Project” in the subject line and “Dear Jordan Cove Project Supporter,” as the letter salutation.

This message presumed support without an answer to my question or a clarification of the LNG loading process. I resent the questions; I hoped for a response that suggested someone was reading these correspondences. Nope, another response returned shortly and it read, you guessed it, “Thanks so much for your continued support.”

I still have no answer from this corporate entity, who play the game of being a good neighbor, but act otherwise. Who wants a neighbor like that? From this interaction, or lack thereof, I am guessing that there will be lots of gas released from the loading of the ships to match their blowing off of genuine inquiries.

Jamie Fereday

Coos Bay

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