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A big thank you to Wim de Vriend for bringing us information contradicting the lies and propaganda from Pembina. Recently, he quoted geologists from OSU who state that an LNG facility built on the North Spit would not likely survive the next big earthquake.

Ray Seidler, of Ashland, has also done valuable research: The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration reports 9,000 significant incidents in the last 30 years, resulting in 550 deaths, 2,600 injuries, and $8.5 billion in financial damages. Pembina says their pipelines will be wonderfully safe, no worries. 

The Natural Gas Association says there are no impacts on property values where pipelines are laid, but real estate studies, including in Oregon, show that values will be decreased by 25 percent to 40 percent. Properties as much as 2.5 miles from pipelines have been negatively affected. Would you want to invest in land that has pipelines buried, with the aforementioned track record?

Glossy, unrecyclable ads for the project that appear in my mailbox reveal how little concern Pembina has for the environment. The biggest damage, among numerous environmental damages caused by the construction of this project would be the tons of CO2 and methane dumped into the atmosphere. If approved, Jordan Cove is slated to become the biggest single emitter of greenhouse gases in Oregon. This, at a time when October’s IPCC report tells us that we must begin decisively lowering emissions by 2020, and we must reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2030, if we are to avoid passing a tipping point where climate chaos will escalate to the point we will lose the option of stopping it.   

Seidler brings us information about Pembina’s value in the stock market.  Zacks, an American investment research firm, gives Pembina an F grade.  They rank Pembina in the lower 28 per cent of all similiar companies. He goes on to ask “is this the kind of company that Oregonians want to be associated with?” And this “Oregon is not a place to facilitate fossil fuel proliferation and certainly not by a second-tier corporation. Industry, why not bring us your renewable energy products and build them on the Oregon coast for export.”

Bonnie Joyce

Myrtle Point

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