Sad to see that our "local" newspaper is encouraging violence against any group whose beliefs don’t agree with their political agenda. I’m referring to the headline on Wednesday’s paper titled “Rally Features Alt-Right Speaker." Why wasn't it put under the What's Up or Clubs Activities columns? It’s no secret that The World only publishes anti-Trump and anti-traditional American values diatribes and cartoons and is clearly against most of the First and Second Amendments which guarantees Americans the right to speak freely and have the right to defend themselves with firearms.

The Patriot Prayer group believes in promoting free speech, opposes big government that so many Democrats are now pushing and supports President Trump. In the 2016 presidential election, only eight of 36 counties in Oregon supported Hillary Clinton and Coos County wasn’t one of them. Seems The World still hasn’t figured that one out.

Also, The World’s bias shows when they refer to Antifa as an anti-fascist group when Antifa always seems to show up to attack legally organized events dressed in black with masks covering their faces and carrying tire irons, clubs and even aerosol flame throwers and initiates violence against anyone they choose to assault. Look at what has happened in Portland where Antifa disrupted traffic, used tire irons to split a senior man’s head open, among many other violent assaults and destroyed private property. They are a domestic terrorist group and should be designated as one.

Keith Comstock

Myrtle Point


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