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The people of Coos are being denied the opportunity to understand the most important election in my 28 years on the South Coast:

Heard verses Shannon Souza.

The most inadequate candidate in my time against the best.

No outcome could have more impact on our lives, jobs and prosperity than this.

The race has electrified those in Douglas and Curry. It has filled their papers. But no coverage in Coos County.


Heard had refused to meet Ms. Sousa on the same stage any place, any time. Smart. She would make it clear to everyone that he is small and dim. When the Curry and Douglas LWV then refused to seat Souza there was such a howl from the people and press, and such ridicule of Heard, that Souza was seated. And won over everyone from real estate and timber to small business owners to professionals.

David Brock Smith praised her so highly at one debate that the web lit up the next day with people imagining what a team like that could bring. Democrats declared for Smith, Republicans for Souza.

I have spent three decades as a builder, developer, and logger. I have known the damage done by the regulations from Portland Democrats that have kept this region paralyzed and in poverty. I underwrote — to the Supreme Court —the defense when 1,000 Friends to kill the South Coast.

I work the length of the coast, but lately have been in Curry. There I spoke with Shannon. She knocked me dead.

She is unusually intelligent and imaginative. She knows building and development cold, has beaten herself against malformed regulation, and felt the recession’s pain and poverty. She is life-tested, savy, hard-nosed, yet still has enthusiasm and — best I can tell — real love. And she is great person to hang with, is sassy as hell, funny, with a smile that comes from deep behind her crinkling eyes. Just a wonderful person.

She will take the rural portfolio of the majority party, and boom, happy days. I believe. Shannon is badass.

She has been frozen out by the Coos powers. The county that should be proud to bursting of her.

I pray that enough Coos people will come together with those of Curry and Douglas, where she is simply loved, where she is simply loved, to elect her senator. We may finally see the sun break through these clouds.

William Buchanan


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