Our democrat state legislature and Governor Brown recently signed into law a bill that will give Oregon's Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. In 2016 only seven of the Oregon's 36 counties voted for Hillary Clinton, nationwide Trump won 2,600 compared to Hillary's 500. Most of Oregon's counties voting for her were urban and highly government employed.

Our forefathers, when creating the Electoral College including it in our Constitution, were concerned with the fact that highly populated areas of Boston, New York and Philadelphia would be able to pick our president without the input of rural America. In today's times states like California, Texas, Florida would pick our president. Do we really want the elitists on our coasts to overshadow the votes of the people that are the backbone, and are feeding us, known as the fly over states?

I realize that the Democrats are still in shock and doing everything they can to win future elections, but changing the Constitution is not the answer. I don't recall being given the opportunity to vote on any of our recent state decisions, for example to become a sanctuary state, although a recall did fail. I certainly did not agree that my tax dollars should go to free abortions for illegal aliens, instead of repairing our ailing school systems, roads, etc.

In my opinion, our representatives, both on the state and federal level, are not representing us. This is exactly why Trump was elected in 2016, and will do so again in 2020. It would be a bigger shock if he actually won the popular vote this time too. The economy is the best it has been in my lifetime, unemployment is at its lower in all sectors, my retirement account is making money, my monthly check is higher because of the tax breaks, small business confidence is the highest since Reagan and there are help wanted signs everywhere.

Once again, I will stress that no responsible, informed voter should vote for a candidate based on their gender, sexual orientation, or race. Goals and results, facts not emotions. Promises made, promises kept.

Lona Yeiter


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