Dear Dana Austin,

You ask what in the world is wrong with our roads. I drive thousands of miles a month, and I think I can tell you. The law enforcements are not doing their jobs.

I have sat next to a sheriff's car when the person going across our street ran an already turned red light. Did the deputy cite him? No, the deputy continued on his way.

I drive 58-59 miles an hour, on the highway. I hardly ever pass another car, but they are leaving me in their dust. The charter school, in Bunker Hill, might as well not have a speed limit past there, because drivers do not honor the 30-mile speed limit, let alone the flashing yellow lite that calls for 20 MPH.

Langlois, that used to almost always have a patrolman, and he was always writing tickets, has now become a speed limit that the driver no longer obeys ... the same with the stretch that has the deer park, south of Bandon. The only place the speed limit is obeyed is Port Orford. Port Orford has been called a "speed trap." That may be so, but most of the drivers respect Port Orford's speed limit. The ones that do not are sitting alongside the road, with flashing blue lights behind them, while they wait for the officer to write them a ticket.

As far as I can see, the lack of the state police, and the Sheriff's Department to cite drivers who are speeding, is what is wrong on the highways. The city police need to act on people who do not come to complete stops, improper lane changes, not using turns signals, following too close, etc. The law says they do not have enough manpower to more closely monitor the highways, but I see a lot of sheriff's vehicles and state vehicles on the highway daily. I wish all the law vehicles would patrol more closely. I have had cars pass me using a turn lane, and have had several cars pass me on a curve, with a double line.

If more police were observed writing tickets, then I think a lot of the problems would be solved.

Joyce Clark

Coos Bay

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