There are over 1,000 property owners located around Coos Bay Estuary that are about to lose control of their property. The effort by the Confederated Tribe to establish a National History District on 26 square miles of land will have a negative effect on property owner's ability to build on or sell their property.

Coos Concerned Property Owners is a grass roots, primarily volunteer group that has come together in a remarkably short time to oppose this effort. Our address is 281 S. Broadway, Coos Bay, telephone is 541-808-0116, website is www.coosconcernedpropertyowners.com. This is not an effort against the tribe but an effort for property owners.

We have made good progress on getting affected property owners to sign and notarize the objection forms but have a long way to go. We urge anyone who has property, who has land on or near the shores of Coos Bay, to contact us to see if you are in the proposed district. For example, North Bend neighborhood Simpson Heights is totally in the district but there are still at least 30 percent of those property owners who have not filed an objection. This district is a lifetime district. Once it is established it realistically can not be undone. Now is the time to stop this effort. Please contact us for more information.

Dick Leshley

Coos Bay

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