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Fellow residents of North Bend, Oregon,

We would like to remind every voting citizen of North Bend that we have some very important decisions to make this November. Not the least of these will decide our Mayor and 3 City Councilors.

We feel obliged to remind our fellow citizens about the many more than questionable decisions that have been made (to say the least!) by our current Mayor, the ever present Rick Wetherell, and Council members Timm Slater, Mike Erbele, and Howard Graham.

Very, very "questionable" indeed! Also responsible, but not up for reelection until 2022 is Jessica Engelke, Larry Garboden, and Bill Richardson. All of these members are directly responsible, in one way or another, for a number of shameful wastes of money as well as ill planned, rapacious money grabs to boot!

Let's start with a waterfront "boardwalk" that no one uses, and sits BEHIND some empty commercial buildings, as well as a fancy roundabout remodel on two little used streets right in front of the Police Dept. and City Hall. (Of course!)

These are minor infractions compared to their most recent monumental "foul up", the ever increasing "Public Safety Fee!" A poorly thought out by pass of property tax increase maximums designed, supposedly, to pay for 4 new Police Officers of questionable necessity and equipped with very, very expensive retirement packages. A fee of, first, $5 per month, then $10, then $15 appeared on our water bills, soon to be put to a "pretend" vote to increase to $30! "Pretend", because after our vote against the exorbitant, fourth fee raise was NO! They incorrectly "claimed" the vote to be "only advisory"!

Oh, how wrong they were! The vote was never listed in any official ballot papers as being "advisory!"

But..........! The Council voted to enter the false claim to be "advisory" into the City charter, an illegal lie, blatantly violating the constitutional rights of each and every one of us!

THIS violation cry's for legal rectification. Unfortunately, no one could afford a legal battle of this magnitude, but, those good leaders and members of the North Bend Citizens for Good Faith Government DID dutifully block any more fee raises, or new fees, as well as reducing the overly high $30 fee to $15.

These same people are proposing candidates for Mayor and the 3 council positions.

Please contact NBCFGFG for updates.

Doug and Deb Bankler

North Bend


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