OK all you Benders, lend me your eyes.

I don't know about you but I've definitely had my fill with the North Bend City Council. I was at a meeting recently when the North Bend Police Chief addressed us and bragged about the $30 fee being added to our water bill and all the police protection we were going to get when the issue was formerly voted down by the voters.

I would like to know exactly just how many policemen have been hired. I was under the impression the money would go into the cop fund, but I found out it is gong into the General Fund! I can only assume then the city manager, fire chief and police chief automatically gave themselves a large raise.

Now the mayor just announced the city bought three new police vehicles. I'm assuming they're at least $70,000 each. The council must believe the ones that are two or three years old are over the hill. Give me a break! The bottom line is when the police chief addressed our meeting he led us to believe all the money was going to the cops when in actuality it's going in the general fund and who knows where it's being used.

I would like to see an accounting of all the money taken by force from us and just exactly how much is going to the police department. In one way or another it's blatant extortion.

Richard Besser

North Bend

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