How can we expect to get any kind of new businesses in our area when we have no way of getting here except by car?

If I want to go north, there is no plane, no bus, no train. If I want to catch a plane in North Bend there is not even a way to get to the airport in Eugene.

When people run a business, they need a way to get in and out of a town quickly sometimes, like on an airplane ... well not from here if you want to go north. No business person in their right mind would move to an area with no transportation in or out.

We talk about wanting new business here, well good luck with that. Why don’t the people who run our towns work on transportation first before even thinking about getting new business.

To not have one kind of transportation to the Eugene airport is plain ridiculous. And all the money spent on our North Bend Airport and no planes going north?

Claudia Craig


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