I get a good laugh at the advertisement for The Southwestern Oregon Regional Airport on TV. It shows one person checking in and goes on to tell us there is NO long lines, etc., well I believe that is because there is no people there and no airplanes to speak of. Only one airline and it goes south, nothing going north.

The big huge building was built for what?

One airplane out of here going south.

As I have said before how can any business come in here with no transportation going north. No trains, planes or bus! Business people might want to do business in Portland or Seattle, or catch a plane in Eugene or Portland, we are very isolated here with no transportation out of here other than car. Even golfers coming to Bandon Dunes to play golf, fly into Eugene and then rent a car to drive to Bandon. I bet that stops a lot of golfers even coming to Bandon Dunes. If they just have a weekend they might want to come play at Bandon Dunes, and they live in Seattle or Portland, it takes too much time to get here. Not worth the trip.

Stops a lot of people coming here for different things.

Claudia Craig


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