What difference does 8% make? It can make a deceiver out of someone. After all the TV and print ads claiming they have 82% of landowners signed for voluntary agreements, Jordan Cove’s Mr. Vogel had to take it back. An article from June 26th in The News Review of Douglas County explains it; the title is “Jordan Cove officials backtrack on claims about number of landowner agreements."

It seems the Canadian Pembina Corporation was counting miles not Americans. According to their spokesman, that's what they report to FERC. How bizarre. It may be relevant to FERC, but logic dictates the public would think it’s a head count. Pembina claims the correct number of signed people who are landowners is 74%. Mr. Vogel told reporter Max Egener of that paper they are "accountable", so one could only hope Pembina improves their actual accounting.

Related to landowner deals, there’s something referred to as "negotiating on the courthouse steps". With eminent domain hanging over their head, those forced to sell know they don't want their dollar discussion to start and end in court. In the past, landowners were insulted by the offers they were given. Pembina used a bonus and new offers, so people accepted what they feel is inevitable. Not included in the calculations are folks who won’t be paid but are directly affected by the pipeline on their adjacent property. It’s circulating that landowners with contracts sign away their right to speak on this subject.

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The deception has not stopped. The TV and print ads with the misleading figure keep coming. The very words “voluntary agreement” are questionable as is the language “landowner support”. Possibly there’s some of both, and it’s possible some of the landowners aren’t American. However if you wanted to know the exact figures concerning those phrases, perhaps you shouldn’t trust Pembina to honestly provide them. Don't believe their inflated guess on the number of jobs or the amount money they’ll bring to this community either. In the article their spokesperson said, “I can understand people’s concern. It probably was a mistake to use that language.” If they’re so proud of their work, then they should hold themselves accountable even for a deceptive 8%. Is it a fib, a fudge, or a white-wash? It’s time for them to come clean in this publication and on other media.

Janice Williams

North Bend

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