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I worked for the North Bend School District for over 30 years, both as a teacher and as an administrator. I have known Bill Lucero for many of those 30 years. We both taught elementary school at North Bay School, we took classes together as we worked towards our administrative certification, we attended numerous administrative meetings at the North Bend District Office and we attended many school board meetings. In every setting Bill demonstrated his integrity, loyalty, common sense, fairness and insight. His focus was students, what is best for them, how can we improve our schools for them.

It goes without saying that under his tutelage NBHS has seen many improvements. The staff responds well to him, and judging from The World Newspaper's own picture, the students greatly admire him.

I cannot understand nor support the charges that are being levied against him. Based on what has been reported in The World, it appears that Bill has been denied due process and has become somewhat of a sacrifical lamb. How can the District bring a 30-year career of a dedicated, hard working, community oriented man who has given his heart and his energy to this District and the town that he lives in, to its knees. Where is fairness? Where is equality in reporting? Have I missed his side of this story?

Those of you who know Bill and can speak out, should.

Judy Snyder

North Bend

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