If folks like Harold Gardner are going to cast stones at Democrats, saying they are trying to stop Trump from "getting anything accomplished," maybe they should take a look back in time. When Barack Obama was first elected (by winning the POPULAR vote and electoral college), and before he even took the oath of office, Republican leadership had signed a pledge to not cooperate, and make him a one-term president.

They fought him at every turn, publicly called him a liar during his State of the Union address, and the icing on the cake was to not even give consideration to his Supreme Court nominee for over eight months, hoping they could recapture the White House. At least the Democrats have abided Trump for the last two years, because they were in the minority in both houses, and really have had no say in what has or should I say "has not" been accomplished.

Republicans have had control and could have passed almost any legislation they could dream up. Why didn't they? Why didn't Trump ask for $28 billion for his wall, or even the $5.7 billion he wants now, his first month in office? It was the Republican leadership and the court system, that held him up, not the Democrats.

If Trump had even any inkling of knowledge about how government works, most of his campaign promises would have already been fulfilled. Now that Democrats have control of the House, he has come to realize that he is not KING, and that most of governing is cooperation, give and take. Democrats are now doing the job that the Republicans should have been doing the last two years.

Ray Cordier

Coos Bay

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