Dick Leshley and other boosters have been claiming that natural gas shipped out of here to China will result in that country using less coal, therefore the Jordan Cove terminal will be an improvement for the environment. Other folks have jumped on that bandwagon; several recent letters have claimed that not only will the project make the county rich, but it is also good for the environment!

This is a Trumpian distortion of the truth. There are plenty of lies and distortions coming from the White House, let’s not add to it. The truth is that this fossil fuel terminal and pipeline will have a devastating effect on our marine and riverine life, our forests and our atmosphere. The boosters who like to list all the cash dividends never mention the fact that this project would become the biggest emitter of climate destroying CO2 (and methane) in Oregon. This at a time when we need to cut our fossil fuel dependence in half by 2030, then totally eliminate it by 2050, that is, if we are to avert the worst of the climate crisis. It is suicidally insane to go in this direction.

We could be working together to develop clean energy. We do not have to suck up to a foreign corporation that wants to tear up our bay, ranches and farms along the pipeline, and some of the last of the healthy public forest lands, including almost 600 acres of old growth. We could be using our own brains and initiative to avoid further jeopardizing the chances for all of life to thrive on this planet.

We could also avoid the possibility that if this terminal gets the green light, which the criminal in the Oval Office is doing all he can to guarantee, there will be a large number of citizens who will either leave this county, or who will forever look upon this development as an abject failure of wisdom and foresight. Our natural life-support systems, what a mighty sacrifice to make for the greedy grab of the paltry cash prize Pembina offers.

What are all the young people in this county thinking? It is their future that is being put on the line. Are they learning about the present and future climate crisis? Is this being discussed in classrooms? Where is the local protest and demonstration by youth?

Bonnie Joyce

Mrytle Point

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