Please, please, examine the facts before forming a conclusion based on hearsay and hyperbole regarding the safety of the Jordan Cove Energy Project. The rantings put out by the opposition is mostly nonsensical fear mongering because they have no hard evidence to support their position. They conveniently cherry-pick factoids and cover up the absence of evidence with lots of bluster.

Take fires for instance. The naysayers would have you believe pipelines pose grave danger from forest fires caused by leaking gas. WRONG! There isn’t one incident on record that a wildfire was started by a leaking gas line of any kind let alone a transmission line. There over 18,000 miles of gas pipelines in Oregon of which about 800 are transmissions lines (high volume – high pressure). Many have been in place for well over 50 years. Yet, not one forest fire reported. Besides, pipeline rights of way serve as fire breaks in timber stands and must be kept clean of brush, noxious weeds and other fuel sources that could exacerbate forest fires. They should be celebrated not feared.

Nearly all the Pacific Connector pipeline is buried anywhere from 6 to 200 feet deep. And there are safety shutdowns built into the line at intervals that shut down the flow should a sudden drop in pressure occur signifying a leak. Compare the safety of natural gas pipeline transmission with that of the millions of gallons of gasoline and propane hauled on our highways by truck and rail. Or, better yet, compare the LNG industry’s safety record with virtually any other industry you care to, fishing, logging, mining, construction, as examples. All have terrible safety records, by comparison.

As for earthquakes and tsunamis, every building in Coos County is at greater risk than the LNG terminal. How many existing structures do you suppose are designed to withstand a 9.3 magnitude quake? Certainly not your home or mine nor your office nor the school your kids go to. The JCEP LNG terminal IS designed to survive what every other building in the area isn’t.

And remember, there are a dozen government agencies monitoring JCEP’s every move, before, during and after construction.

Fair and objective analysis will show the benefits from this project go forward far outweigh any risk. Get the facts then let FERC, DSL and others know they should support this project, not thwart it. It’s time for Oregon to win!

Jon Barton

Coos Bay

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