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In response to Peter Brandt’s recent letter titled, “LNG jobs will require specialized training,” I don’t think he fully grasps the beneficial impact the Jordan Cove Project will have on Southern Oregon. While it is true that many of the jobs related to building the plant or pipeline require specialized skills and training, the project is a long-term investment in our community that will also create thousands of other jobs in supporting industries for future generations. With the recent openings of the Jordan Cove Coos and Klamath offices alone, this has provided business to our local community months before the actual commencement of the proposed project. Imagine what it will do once the project is approved.

There will be a greater opportunity for virtually every local businesses in our communities to thrive in the growing economy: general stores, hospitals, barbershops/salons, recreational facilities, auto shops, restaurants, dentists, bakeries, banks and many more. With an economic boom, this may even lead to new business opportunities in our area. Our community is riddled with high unemployment, underfunded public services, and low economic growth; it’s been that way for years. This is an opportunity for kids who grew up here to stay – or even come back, having left the South Coast to find opportunity elsewhere. This project is a crucial economic investment for our local communities, our neighbors, and our kids. If we don’t act now, we may never get another chance.

Tom Burdett

North Bend

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