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So, picture that Alaskan earthquake here in Coos Bay. If you listen to our local First Responders and OSU, the major earthquake expected here isn't about if, but only when ... and is expected to be same size or bigger and considered to be overdue. How in the world can there be any legitimate LNG pipeline proposal considered for this area?

Do you all remember that the methane in that pipeline only needs to have a 3 percent mix with air to cause a fireball as high as 1,000 feet? (That happened in San Bruno, CA., just a few years back ... it happens multiple times a year, but we don't always hear about it).

The expected earthquake here will be enough of a disaster without adding ruptured pipelines and huge fire risks! What is really sad and scary, is that over the last 10 years, this community has gotten FERC to deny Jordan Cove two times already, and agreed that this is not the right place for LNG. But big oil money has deep pockets, so here we go again, with more money and more glossy propaganda than we have seen to date. Their information has lies and ignores important issues.

I am scared that their push is mighty and people get weak around money and hear what they want to hear ... not stand up for the truth. Let's wake up and remember earthquakes really happen and exploding pipelines could start a fire storm around here like California just endured ... none of that has to happen ... say no to Jordan Cove. Their huge profit (and the little bit we get from it) is not worth our safety and homes.

Linda Hicks

Coos Bay

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