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OK, so here we go again. A former petroleum engineer in favor of the project of Jordan Cove. Sir, yes you had to leave town to earn a very nice living I would assume working for oil companies since there is no oil to be found nearby. Yes, we have a moron in the White House who will do anything to our environment, and the former CEO of Exxon/Mobil as secretary of state who has even called Trump a moron. You state in your letter that companies have a "right" to sell their products, e.g., "natural gas," but you neglect to mention that there would need to be a pipeline that would cross many states and private properties, and guess what, not all of these property owners want a "safe pipeline" dug in their land so a few can get wealthy.

I dispute also that this pipeline will be 100 percent safe as well. Let us look at the facts, the LNG plant will require massive amounts of energy and require a power plant to be built. This alone will be polluting the environment greatly and the whole plant and structure area will be built on a flood plain that the NMFS has been identified at great risk as in an earthquake. Add on to that there is no demand for natural gas and that everyone knows that the gas will go to China. Natural gas is NOT pollutant free either, and adds to our global warming crisis and threatens our planet. This development will threaten schools in the area with the potential of a small nuclear bomb going off. It will threaten endangered salmon and steelhead runs as well as oyster beds and the fishing community. I, like many others, would like to retire to the Coos Bay area, but the prospect of a power plant and LNG plant will drive me and many others away.

The fossil fuel era is over my friends, and we need renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. Let us all refuse to accept that only a few will get wealthy from this polluting project that will help lead to the destruction of our planet and help China to beat us economically. I will fight against this abomination against nature from afar and hope that local citizens will maintain their fight against an unwanted plant that will just be abandoned in 10-12 years.

Michael Tomlin


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