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Jordan Cove Jobs — We keep hearing about all of the jobs the Jordan Cove project will create. Many of the jobs will be jobs that require specialized training or require years of experience. All of the people looking for jobs in the build area (Jordan Cove and pipeline) will need to be qualified to do these jobs. If they need 100 welders for example they are not going to wait for someone to be trained to weld. If no one in the build area can fill these positions they will bring welders in from wherever they can to do the work. Most of the jobs that will be created will involve people that will come here to work, not local people living here. Many people looking for employment in our area will not find a job at Jordan Cove, a job building the plant or pipeline or a job related to either. There will be related short term jobs, flaggers, laborers, etc., but once the project is completed where will these people work? Maybe someone will get a permanent job washing windows at the plant office or cleaning the restroom?

Peter Brandt

Coos Bay

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