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Of the hundreds of picture windows in the houses between Charleston and North Bend, most face the Bay and North Spit; it's their front yard. If the LNG export facility is built, those windows will be filled with a massive industrial complex. The whooshing sound you hear will be falling real estate prices. The big LNG ships will require constant dredging of the bay, killing oysters, crabs, clams and fish. Eventually the bay will die, too.

Hundreds of construction jobs will be filled locally "where possible" or "when feasible." That's Canada-speak for "slim chance." The construction phase will be completed as fast as humanly possible. Skilled workers will be imported, and they won't bring their families. They'll directly deposit paychecks to hometown banks. They'll sleep in cheap rooms, eat fast food and use spending money for local bars. Hopefully we won't have to float new bond issues to expand local police departments to maintain order. Certainly a few subcontractors and local laborers may find short-term work, but the money leaving the area will far exceed the amount staying. When operations begin, the permanent crew will be mainly from Canada.

Todd Goergen and Rick Skinner of Boost Southern Oregon proclaim that Jordan Cove will NOT be the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Oregon; it is only number seven, spewing nearly 2 million TONS of gas per year. My question: What does 2 million tons of industrial pollution smell like? Is it odorless? Does it smell like rotten eggs? Will it make the paint on your house blister and peel? We are all down wind from that proposed plant.

In 15-20 years the plant will be abandoned, a derelict fixture on the spit. Skeptical? Look left next time you drive through Gardiner heading north.

The co-presidents of Boost Southern Oregon are concerned about air pollution in Asia, and claim that we, through Jordan Cove, can play a pivotal part in cleaning Asian air. All we need do is destroy our own environment.

Does Todd Goergen or Rick Skinner live in the area? Or are they "Boosting" us from afar?

Ron Dudas

Coos Bay