Lions Club event was a memorable success

The Langlois Lions Club is more than pleased to report that our recent Spaghetti Feed and Dessert Auction was an outstanding success. As a result, we are able to fund our Pacific High School senior scholarship of a $1,000 award again this year.

Of course, we could never have done this without the much appreciated assistance from community members and businesses: Bandon Floral and Gifts for the lovely table flower arrangements., Ray’s Food Place, Port Orford, Langlois Market and Bandon’s McKay’s and Ray’s Food Place for the generous contribution of ground beef and Edgewaters restaurant for the bread rolls. Kudos to all the community bakers of Langlois who truly came through with a total of 31 desserts for auction.

The auction of the many World Famous Langlois desserts was lively and entertaining, and I must say, profitable. Once more, our community really made this event a memorable happening.

Deanna McDermott


Spelling Bee was a nail biter

In a nail-biting finish to Coos Bay Public Library’s annual Spelling Bee on Friday, April 12, the women of Pollen Nation’s seven-year winning streak came to an end by a surprise finish for the one team out of nine who managed all 20 (50? 100!?) rounds without a single misspelling.

A family affair, Zymurgy was not only the one team who ran the gauntlet unscathed. They were also the only team with all three team members sharing the same last name — good show Adames, good show! Enjoy your victory, Zymurgy.

Thanks to the array of effective imbibements at Black Market Gourmet, we enjoyed our cackle party of poor loser-ship with plans for revenge next year! And believe me, Almost As Good As Autocorrect, Bewildererd BeeBops, Dewey Decimators, The Hive, Marine Bees, and Philologos Tribus are undoubtedly plotting, as well. Ha, ha! In fact, a legal do-over may be due the Bewildered BeeBops on a technicality where the honorable judge mistakenly ruled a “that is correct” that was quickly shouted down by the mob present. Until next year!

Jenny Jones

North Bend

Puzzled by overreaction to Tribe’s application

I am puzzled by what seems to me as an almost hysterical overreaction to the Confederated Tribes application for listing their Traditional Cultural Property — this being the body of water knows as Coos Bay and roughly its original shoreline — on the National Register of Historic Places. It excludes South Slough, which is already federally protected ... a fact about which, as far as I know, we are all quite happy.

The designation would simply require all FEDERAL agencies to “consider impacts to contributing resources before engaging in activities or issuing permits for activities within the TCP boundaries. “Contributing resources” or “features” simply means cultural/archaeological resources, archaeological sites, and specific buildings owned by the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians.

The expensive full page “scare” ads being run by “Coos Concerned Property Owners” list three items of concern, but do not specifically detail them, because they are not true. In items one and two, the key words are “may be.” Only a good conspiracy theorist could possibly arrive at “must be.” Item number three is just plain untrue.

This all seems to me as the proverbial “tempest in a teapot” by some of the my fellow citizens who haven’t done their homework. Visit www.ctclusi.org/tcp for the actual facts. And, they are actual facts because one can’t apply without facts for a historic register listing and hope to get anywhere! Better yet, stop by the Confederated Tribes office at 1245 Fulton Ave. (end of Radar Road) in Coos Bay and get to know your neighbors who have been living here for at least 10,052 years.

I grew up with and have lived in or near a few historic districts/structures and all of them were and are associated with increased property values. People like history (good or bad) and will pay (more) to live or visit such.

If someone from CCPO could provide the public with actual facts, then perhaps we’d have the basis for both parties to sit down together, invite the public, have a discussion, resolve “differences” and get on with building a better place to live which respects the environment that we all says we love.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Skinner

North Bend

It’s important your objection is heard

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Did you know that your property can be put on the National Register of Historic Places without your consent?

Shocking, but that’s what is happening with the proposed Confederated Tribe’s TCP Historic District for every square foot of waterfront property on the bay. The TCP is for 1,565 properties; 26.025 square miles; 16,656 acres. That’s 1.44 percent of all of Coos County!

The waterfront is our livelihood. The economy of our area depends on it; it’s a key infrastructure component and ultimately why we live in the Bay Area. Transportation, commerce, recreation and even tourism in the Bay Area depend on the growth and viability of our waterfront.

Just think of the potential impact on our economy if all the waterfront is put on the National Register:

  • Business could be stifled, due to additional legal constraints;
  • Property values (for everyone) could decrease;
  • Private property decisions will no longer be yours;
  • What business we have might leave.

Not to mention the constraints this will have on clamming, oyster farming, crabbing and other recreational activities. The net is the economic impact to our area will be devastating. To cripple the economy of a community was not the original intent of the National Historic Preservation Act.

This will all take place May 10 if private property owners do not object. The only way to stop it is if greater than a majority (50%) of the private property owners submit objection forms to the state.

All the following have publicly objected, but they don’t count:

  • City of North Bend
  • City of Coos Bay
  • Coos County
  • Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Port of Coos Bay
  • U.S. Coast Guard

It’s only the private property owners that count.

That’s why it’s important that your objection is heard. If you’re a private property owner on the TCP, I URGENTLY request that you contact the Coos Concerned Property Owners (CCPO) immediately. They have a walk-in office at 281 S. Broadway, Coos Bay or can be reached at (541) 808-0116. Even if you’re not on the list and object, please contact the volunteers at the CCPO and make your objection heard – the CCPO is capturing those objections too.

Object! Tell the state you DON’T want our bay put on the National Register of Historic Places.

Randy and Mary Jane Hargens

Coos Bay

We have had enough of American imperialism

In my last letter to the editor entitled “Establishment Democrats need to wake up”, I asked within parentheses “Where is the anti-war movement?” in regard to Venezuela. I asked that question with a hope that it would cause a realization for those who stood against wars before, such as Vietnam or Iraq, that they had abandoned their activism, and that they should continue again.

I’m trying to revive the anti-war movement now because the wars we have been involved in for the last 85 years are horrible enough, but now we have Trump, and more wars with far larger scale and impact are being thought up, considered, even planned.

Afghanistan is America’s longest war now, going on 18 years and approaching two decades. We are still struggling to manage stability in nations where we toppled dictators like Iraq and Libya. We are complicit in the Saudi-led genocide in Yemen, the apartheid state in Israel which is oppressing the Palestinian peoples as well as Arab-Israelis and African-Israelis, and Turkey whom has a fascist leader and is carrying out much violence against the Kurdish peoples.

With all that, Trump’s administration and hawkish politicians are trying to precipitate wars in Venezuela and Iran over oil, justify a regime-change war against Assad in Syria by using chemical weapons to manufacture consent to topple him, and despite all the exaggerated headlines of Russian collusion with Trump, we are growing ever closer toward conflict with Russia and China.

Now is the time to stand up and say that after decades of all kinds of wars big and small, and with the massive inequalities and issues we have within our borders, that we have had enough of American imperialism, and now we as a people will have to fight harder than ever to stop it. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “As I have walked among the desperate, rejected, and angry young men, I have told them that Molotov cocktails and rifles would not solve their problems, but they ask and rightly so, ‘What about Vietnam?’ If America’s soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read Vietnam. A nation that continues to spend more money on military defense, than on programs of social uplift, is approaching spiritual death.”

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay

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