"Liberty for all."

This phrase echoed in the ears of the people of this country. It was coined by honest and learned men of that age when people were united in a common cause. Those early leaders knew of what they spoke as many of them had experienced a life under some form of tyranny and were seeking a better way of life. Being united in a cause does not necessarily mean united in how to accomplish that goal but perseverance by those true leaders created a Constitution which has held for over 200 years and is still unique in the world today.

For some people that phrase has become a place to hide behind. The writers of the Constitution did not envision the changes that would take place in the world today, and even if they had, they would have faced the same decisions that are before our leaders of today. Perhaps the time has come to go back to the original ideas and signal some changes that would provide some limitations to those whose call seems to be ‘Liberty for Me’; (and you can’t stop me because you afforded me that liberty). When certain groups have reached a national status as ‘hate groups’ or are at odds with the original intentions of the constitution it may be time to seek some changes in that unique instrument. We cannot deny citizenship to those groups but we should be able to limit some of their ‘freedoms’.

So that most Americans do not have to change their plans and activities.

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As to their ‘freedom of speech’ we could limit their right to gather or march on public property or thoroughfares. They could be denied the right to possess firearms. I would propose that we seek some changes in the Constitution that would not need to affect the rights of most citizens. I am sure that we have some good minds that are equal to that task.

Ed Moon

Myrtle Point

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