Oregon has a no-rules culture

This is America, right?

Foremost, the recent abundance of articles on erratic driving serves as my backdrop. I have lived in many other parts of the country, including the East Coast, deep south and mountain west. Never have I seen the total disregard for traffic laws and human life than in Oregon. Speed limits don’t exist as they are either not enforced by law enforcement or by the personal choice of each citizen.

A culture of no rules is adhered to and condoned. This no-rules culture permeates every facet of the community, including personal interactions. We have tried to introduce ourselves to our neighbors since moving here, only to have the door slammed in our face.

This is America, right? If you are a lifelong Oregon resident you may be blinded to these facts, but as an American citizen, first and foremost, the core of this state is missing.

Kaylie Brandt


A bribe is a bribe ...

Pembina and Trump would like us to think they are doing Coos County and Ukraine a favor by making deals. “Look what you will gain,” they both say, $12 million a year for Coos County and $250 million for weapons for Ukraine to use somewhere.

In return Pembina just wants to despoil over 200 miles of Oregon land for a pipeline and to dig up salmon and crab habitat in Coos Bay itself. All Trump wants is dirt on Joe Biden and anyone else who might run against him in 2020, if Trump is still around.

In both cases, Pembina and Trump are offering bribes, a “quid pro quo” arrangement: “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

In the Constitution, bribery is grounds for impeachment. Check Article II, Section 4. In Pembina’s case, they may get away with buying our local politicians by dangling a $12 million dollar carrot in front of their noses.

It doesn’t matter that Pembina apologists talk about how $12 million would benefit Coos County. The money would be so split up that it won’t make that much difference for Coos County schools, cities, and the county itself.

It does make a difference that Pembina thinks it can buy Coos County for their project, but a bribe is a bribe is a bribe. Pembina wants access to sell petroleum products — a main contributor to climate change, and at the same time corrupt our local politicians with dreams of high paying jobs, just like Crosline, Nucor and railroad chimeras in the past.

Coos Bay agencies like city councils should tell Pembina to take their bribery and lies and go somewhere else. Try another country, like Russia or Saudi Arabia, where bribery works, and who wins is the person with the most money.

The Coos Bay City Council can stop this chicanery. They should reject Pembina’s request for additional dredging in the bay. It is not needed. Our excellent ship pilots can maneuver ships in the channel as it is.

Our Founding Fathers were so worried about bribery and about gain from being in office, emoluments, they put articles in the Constitution against such illegality. Now Pembina wants to operate the same way. They should go back to Canada and take their planned destruction of Oregon habitat with them.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay

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