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With respect to Mr. Dudas' letter of Feb. 4, I would respectfully suggest he try to acquaint himself with factual information. He makes a number assertions that have no basis in fact and some that are simply not true.

The LNG facility will be located to the northwest of nearly all of the bay front homes with "picture windows", and to the extent it can be seen at all, it will be a mile or more away from most and the only on the periphery of the field of vision. As to the constant dredging, that has been occurring for many decades. I would remind Mr. Dudas that Coos Bay was once the most active forest products port in the country and as recently as 20 years ago enjoyed about 340 ship calls per year. It is now around 40 and LNG will add another 85, or so, far below our peak of just a few years ago.

His claim that it will kill our oyster and crab crops, again, he assumes facts not in evidence. The oyster crop is thriving and oysters are cultivate well outside the dredging zones. Ocean warming and acidification are a much greater risks to our shell fish than dredging and that is exacerbated by the burning of coal in Asia.

His claims that mostly Canadian workers will be employed is patently false. The contractors, both pipeline and terminal, are American. Most of the gas will come from American resources (western slope of the Rockies where there is limited market east of the divide). Gas production will generate hundreds of sustainable jobs. The pipeline and terminal will also produce hundreds of sustainable high wage jobs. Construction workers will be hired locally IF they are qualified (admittedly, we lack the human resource locally to fill all the requirements). Yes, a lot of money will flow out of the area but much will remain. A major boon to the area will be the increase in the taxable base and the money that will provide for schools, health care, security and other services that would not be available but for LNG.

And yes, Messers Goergen and Skinner do live here, as do I, and we look forward to all the good things that will come of this project. In the end, Mr. Dudas, facts are what's important, not supposition and gossip.

Jon Barton

Coos Bay