There was a letter to the editor written by Cameron Langley a couple days ago that needs a rebuttal.

Cameron talks about how everyone has a right to an opinion and somehow connects the word fascism. Saying fascism does not have a “rigid definition.” Obviously, there is a definition for fascism. People cannot define it however they want. You cannot choose to call someone a fascist and then invent a definition, so it matches the beliefs of that person. The definition of fascism is “A political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation above the individual and that stands for a centralized government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” So basically, fascism puts value in the whole community or nation, while the individual has no value.

Cameron goes on to mention the “Freedom Faith Family Festival” that is scheduled for May 29th in Bandon. Trying to link this festival to fascism. Saying there will be plenty of right-wing politicians, radio personalities and faith organizations. He even puts the word faith in quotations. Calling out the legitimacy of the pastors that will be speaking. Cameron does not give a reason for the quotations or events that have created his opinions of these pastors. We are left to assume why he chooses to mock them. He continues by accusing “these folks” of rhetoric that he views as somewhere from problematic ignorance up to full on fascism. Again, Cameron does not give any of why he has this opinion, and he does not even mention who he is talking about.

Cameron starts talking about Nazis “ruthlessly going after socialists.” Nazis were socialists. Nazi is short for “National Socialist.” Then Cameron tries to say the Jewish are Marxists? Then Cameron makes an accusation that the Nazis accused the Jews of “wanting to wipe out white people.” Hitler was Antisemitic and viewed Jews as inferior. Let’s not forget that Jews were mostly white also.

Cameron has chosen to be public. His intolerance and lies must be exposed. The community needs the truth. Not lies.

Perry Holman

Coos Bay


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