Everywhere we look in the media, we see someone saying what they don’t like. We see people cutting other people down instead of making constructive comments. We see arguments made to intentionally polarize us further than we already are.

Arguments and statements that create an “us versus them” mentality. Words said out of bitterness and hate. Rarely do we hear words that bring us together or encourage us to see things from a perspective not our own. Instead, we hear words that tear us apart and create the illusion that there is one path and anyone who tries to deviate from that path is wrong.

Instead of asking what’s going wrong, we could be asking what’s going right. Or better yet, what am I doing personally to improve the community I live in, for all who reside here. One thing I know that doesn’t improve the community I live in is for me to do nothing or to criticize the people who are trying to improve our community in a way that is contemporary and creative. I am happy to live in a city where our leaders are willing to take a hard look at something when it is not functioning to its full potential. Even if that is an unpopular idea, like taking a hard look at the functions of our law enforcement. I

’m happy to live somewhere where I can easily access information about the city if I choose. A place where I can sit in the comfort of my living room, watch the city council, and inform myself. I’m happy to live somewhere that has a city government that takes professional decorum seriously and doesn’t give in to pressure or allow discord. I’m happy to live in a city that carefully looks at all the details when planning the use of its recreational areas. A city that utilizes urban renewal resources and continues to strive to keep our streets modern and our buildings useful.

I’m happy to live in a city where the mayor will stop and talk to you on the street to answer your questions or give you information. So, instead of continuously pointing out what we don’t agree with or what we would do differently if we were the leader, ask yourself, what’s going right? Ask yourself, what am I doing for my community? If you find yourself having no answers to either of those questions, the problem is with you, not the city government.

Kim Kanies

North Bend


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