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Georgia goes Jim Crow 2.0 and Major League Baseball, the most conservative of the pro ball leagues takes a stand to say enough. As Georgia writes a law to suppress votes perpetrating a lie that never happened (the election was stolen), despite Georgia’s election being scrutinized for its integrity by everyone in our country and found legitimate, even conservatives with integrity find themselves having to speak out by voting with their dollars.

Prior to this, conservatives have had no issues with Citizens United and corporations spending money on elections. Now some of them are screaming ‘cancel culture.’ I say, it’s about time. Why would any state write laws to restrict voting where no voter fraud has been found despite recounts and intense review.

Thank you MLB and every corporation that has raised its voice to support the right of all citizens to vote. Georgia went blue, and no one stole the election. Georgia lawmakers, we see you, and integrity of the vote is not what your new law is about.

Christine Thomas



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