Ms. Yeiter's letter published in The World was unconvincing.

Our forefathers were an east coast elite. They were relatively educated, relatively wealthy and universally white males. Honoring our past and slamming coastal elites is incompatible.

"Promises made. Promises kept" to summarize the Trump Administration ignores too much to be credible. Remember the pledge for re-building our roads, bridges and other structures? Promise - UNKEPT. Remember the pledge to provide a better, cheaper health care system? Promise - UNKEPT. Remember the wall chant - "Mexico will pay for it!" Promise - UNKEPT. Other examples exist - including the failed swamp draining pledge. The point is made, Ms. Yeiter's letter has inaccurately described "promises kept."

As to the few dollars now in her purse, thanks to the Trump tax cut, she should be aware that the next generation will pay for that. A trillion dollars has been added to the national debt, courtesy of the man who in real estate considered himself the king of debt. (And he frequently went bankrupt, too.) Now he is helping bankrupt the country while the letter writer rejoices over her pitance of a windfall.

Trump may win the next election, as she hopes. If he wins, likely it will be because six or so months prior to the election he will cause war between ourselves and Iran, North Korea or another country. War presidents are usually re-elected. I hope I am wrong, but Trump is unpredictable and canny in doing things that benefit himself and his corporate friends. Killing people to keep himself in office is not out of the question.

Responsible Republicans have left the party because of Trump's actions. I suspect that Ms. Yeiter is not one of them.

Dick Wagner

North Bend

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