Letter to the Editor

Dear voters in the North Bend Pool area- please vote YES - to keep the NB Pool open for public, high school and swim club use. Safe and low impact recreation, physical rehabilitation for knee and hip-pre and post op therapies begin with water immersion, by water exercises and swimming.

We absolutely need a public pool open year-round, early morning from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. to accommodate a Coos County population who value, need and enjoy water exercise.

The Coast Guard depends on the North Bend Pool to keep their officers fit and trained for water rescue operations, locally. All children are required by law to have some swim instruction by the 3rd grade in Oregon. We live too close to the ocean, rivers, lakes, bogs not to provide a safe and warm place for every resident of Coos county to learn and know how to swim confidently.

The “free swim” events at NB Pool in the past were an excellent way to enable low-income families to experience the buoyancy and enjoyment of water play and sport. Mental health issues need not only be “solved” by sitting in a counseling session. The soothing and calming waters of a warm pool with rainbows at times percolating thru the water can create much inner peace, which infiltrates a community over time.

Building healthy communities requires recreational activity venues. Swimming has something to offer everybody, for every level of ability. The quality of our lives is not about how much money we have or work we do, although a certain measure of that is necessary.

The quality of our lives is in our own good health and community well being and harmony with our environment.

If the NB Pool wants to save operations money this year and every year, put up a solar roof. The position of it is perfect.

Also get Mary Ainsworth back on staff. She knows how to run the older filtration system and knew the maintenance operations well. Please open the NB Pool as soon as possible.

Astrid Diepenbroek



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