The more I think about the North Bend camping ordinance they are working on, the more I think it can be used as an asset. North Bend hired a “resource officer” a while back. He could be used at the area that is picked for legal “camping”. Every night, he signs in each homeless person and runs a quick check through the system, looking for warrants and sex offender status. Then he signs everybody back out in the morning. No more hiding from warrants in North Bend. If you choose to not camp where it’s legal, then don’t be nice. Charge them with anything you can come up with, tow their vehicles, etc. Make it impossible to camp anywhere but the designated area. Then watch how fast the criminal homeless disappear from North Bend.

Just because the law requires time, place and manner does not mean you have to keep the ordinance detailing only those three things. Make it where the criminals don’t want to be here also. This way, there are no restrictions on who can camp, obeying the stupid state legislation, but also making the camp safer and discouraging the influx of criminals into the area.


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