Letter to the Editor

To my fellow Coos County voters:

I am writing to thank Debbie Heller, Coos County clerk, for the Coos County Elections website (co.coos.or.us/clerk) for the May 18 Special District Election candidate information. It listed the emails and phone numbers of the local non-partisan positions.  

The candidates on this ballot will be the decision makers for our community services including: airport, transportation, college, special education, schools, hospitals, fire departments, ports, water, wastewater, roads and parks. Being able to access these contests and the individuals running for them gave me the opportunity to ask them questions.

Communicating with these individuals, I rated them on their past (or similar) experience in the position they were filing for and their fact-based ideas concerning maintenance, improvement and financial oversight. I simply eliminated any candidate who did not realize that it takes money to provide services and we need more not less. That is what a budget is for, the present and the future.

Our elected nonpartisan candidates are volunteers but they are not elected without cost. Their decisions affect all our public services.  

I filled out my May 18 ballot based on my informed choices and mailed it for free!

I urge you to do the same and support our state that encourages voting.

Every vote counts.       

Rae Lea Cousens

North Bend


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