I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Michelle Ortiz of Coastal Sotheby’s in Bandon. Today, my dog, who usually waits for me to go on walks, decided to take himself for a walk instead of waiting for me while I put a ladder away. (I guess he’d had enough of being in the house after two days of rain.)

I discovered he had left and knew he could have gone any of three directions. I was looking for him, walking the road and feeling very panicked, when a lady, who had already driven by me in one direction, came back and stopped. She said she noticed when she drove by that I was looking very stressed and had a leash but no dog. Much farther along the road she noticed a dog with no person. She wondered if I was missing a dog. She was so kind to drive me to catch up with him.

We are so blessed that there are people like Michelle who care enough to look out for neighbors, even when she doesn’t know them. Michelle, your kindness will definitely be passed on to others.

Susie Koharski



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